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27 Jun 2024


9am - 5pm


Holiday Inn Singapore

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The saying “Different strokes for different folks” is highly relevant in interpersonal communication. People come from different background, and their response to the same message could range from taking immediate action to being indifferent. In order to connect with different people at a deeper level, you need to express yourself by choosing words that would resonate with different groups of people.

This is where knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) becomes important. It can help you segment your audience and use appropriate words to elicit desired responses. NLP is a useful communication tool for persuasive communication.

Applying NLP to your writing gives you the added power to influence and motivate your readers to agree with you. Whether you’re selling a proposal or service, justifying a budget increase, arguing for more staff or supporting your position over others, your writing is more influential when you know how to address your readers’ logical and emotional needs and interests.

Most persuasive writing courses only teach the art of persuasion through logical motivation. What makes our New Language for Persuasive Writing workshop unique is our ability to integrate logical motivation with powerful psychological tools available in NLP.

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    NLP for Persuasive Writing

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    Who Should Attend

    This program is designed to benefit professionals, manager, executives and officers who use written correspondence to persuade others to support their ideas, procedures, projects, proposals, etc..


    This workshop embraces and bridges communication dialectic. You will acquire new tools and skills in the craft of persuasive writing. Effective writing is about interaction and engagement, and you’ll look at how to design and incorporate these into your messages.

    Topics include:

    • Communications Dialectic
    • Elements in Persuasive Writing
    • Context of Writing
    • Logic and Emotion in Writing
    • Pillars of Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • Beliefs and Value Systems
    • Different Communications Styles
    • Understanding Your Audience
    • Getting Your Message Across
    • Building Rapport
    • Persuasive Protocols
    • Writing Styles and Structures


    • Understand the key elements of persuasive writing
    • Incorporate logic and emotion into your writing
    • Utilize NeuroLinguistic Programming to enhance your writing
    • Adapting your writing style to your audience
    • Building rapport and connection with your readers
    • Employing persuasive protocols to effectively convey your message


    “It’s been an interesting course. I learnt something new and will now be more aware of how I communicate. Thank you.”
    Assistant Director, JTC Corporation
    “I enjoyed the delivery with stories and humour to entertain to engage and to convey key concepts. Facilitators are very friendly and approachable as well.”
    Executive, Public Service Division
    “The trainer delivers the courseware with enthusiasm and conviction / knowledge. He is able to capture our attention and was never boring. Good stuff!”
    Manager, ITE College East
    “You guys have been great and awesome! I can honestly say that the course has helped me so much and I will utilise the new found knowledge in my work and studies.”
    Customer Service Executive Ministry of Education
    “I have understood much better on the different ways and perspective for more efficient writings. The course was very clearly taught and precise. The examples used were very good as well.”
    Senior Executive, Republic Polytechnic
    “Course was interesting and engaging and is useful in my course of work.”
    Manager, Ministry of Manpower
    “... My outlook towards the challenges and see how things are happening in my work are tuned to a different angle from today onwards! There is no moment of boredom in this training! You are fantastic.”
    Section Manager, Ministry of Finance


      NLP for Persuasive Writing


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