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18 - 19 Mar 2024


9am – 5pm


Holiday Inn Singapore

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Content and design are closely related in the creation of an EDM.

The content, such as the copy and messaging, informs the design elements, such as the layout, images, and typography.

Design choices can also affect the content volume, and influence the tone and emphasis of a message.

For example, the use of bold, bright colours in the design might indicate a high-energy, upbeat message in the content. In addition, the design can also help to convey the intended mood, tone, and message of the EDM.

It is critical to strike a balance between the content and design, as one should support and enhance the other.

We have gathered two experts to deliver this powerful workshop. You will learn how to create quality content and design compelling visuals. The result is a stunning EDM you and your team can be proud of.

Our EDM Creatives course is a 2-day course that integrates Content Creation and Design Development skills to produce eye-catching EDMs. You can sign up for the courses above individually by clicking on the link. However, it is highly recommended to attend both days for a more comprehensive skill set.
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    EDM Creatives

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    Participants in this workshop will learn how to create effective EDMs with high-quality content and compelling design that will increase open-rate and engagement.

    Any other individuals who want to improve their skills in creating effective EDM.

    Corporate Communication
    Marketing Specialists
    Public Relations Officers
    Public Engagement Officers



    • Use Psychological Triggers
      • Discover how people consume information and what makes them click on your EDM.
    • EDM Structure Planning
      • Structures differ depending on the purpose of the email. Learn common email types and how to plan and structure each one.
    • Write for Easy Scanning
      • Learn how your copy dictates layout, how to break down important information into easy-to-read bullet points.
    • Power Words to Persuade, Influence & Sell
      • Compile a list of ready-to-use power words, to choose from for your copy.
    • Craft Attention-Grabbing Headlines
      • Learn how to interest the reader with a compelling inner headline.
    • Pull the Reader In
      • Show the reader quickly how they will benefit from the content of the email.
    • Get the Click
      • Learn how to write compelling calls to action, what makes a good call to action.


    • Learn the powerful P.R.I.S.M.TM method to transform your EDM content into visually-appealing and effective messages.
    • Strategies
      • To create effective both short and long EDMs, and prioritise messages so your readers won’t ever miss your message goal.
    • Shrink, Simplify, Storify
      • Organise, summerise & structure your content
      • Apply 'K-Drama storytelling’ style to captivate your readers
      • Translate dry & boring information and data into interesting, eye-catching infographics
    • Styling
      • Apply design principles create exciting EDM
      • Use perceptual organization, grids and rules of thirds for beautiful layouts
      • Colour to enhance clarity and aesthetics
      • Font size, typeface choices, font pairing
      • Creative use of images, graphics, icons and basic animation to jazz up your EDM MTATM - Beyond the “Call to Action”
      • Deploy MTA, the new CTA 2.0
      • Make CTA work harder and achieve higher conversion rates


    • Creating a balance between content and design in the creation of an EDM.
    • Using psychological triggers to make the audience click on your EDM.
    • Planning and structuring different types of emails for effective communication.
    • Writing copy that is easy to scan and uses power words to persuade, influence and sell.
    • Crafting attention-grabbing headlines and calls to action.
    • Using the P.R.I.S.M.™ method to transform EDM content into visually-appealing and effective messages.
    • Applying design principles, using grids and color to enhance clarity and aesthetics in the EDM.
    • Using images, graphics, and basic animation to jazz up the EDM.


    "Thank you for running this program. It helps us be more aware on what to look out for in designing impactful EDMs"
    Assistant Director, Corporate Communication, Ministry of Home Affairs
    "I enjoyed the course and felt that content delivered was highly relevant and useful. A pity that the course is only held over 2 days. Ange was effective and knowledgeable. Eugene was engaging and knowledgeable. He was also helpful during the creation of our own practice EDM on areas of improvement. Enjoyed the training"
    Staff Officer, Singapore Prison Service
    "The content was great. Ange provided great practical tips to help us. The cheat sheet is good. Eugene is patient & resourceful"
    Assistant Director, MAS Academy
    "Angela is a great facilitator. I truly learnt a lot from today's content. She made it easy for us to understand the different techniques used for copywriting. The content/presentations are certainly useful for anyone who needs to send out EDMs on a regular basis"
    Manager, Corporate Communication, Ministry of Home Affairs


      EDM Creatives


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