We are the trusted provider of corporate training for professionals from both the public and private sectors. With a focus on investigation, legal, interpersonal communication, and cyber skills, our courses provide in-depth and practical training to help professionals reach their full potential.

Our commitment to providing hands-on, relevant training sets us apart from other providers. This unique training approach equips participants with the skills necessary to solve real-world problems and attain professional success.

Since our inception in 2004, thousands of professionals from over 200 organizations have participated in our training courses. Some of the organisations that have attended our public and in-house courses include:

Expert-led trainer

All our courses are facilitated by industry experts who are not only acknowledged for their talents but are also gifted teachers and practitioners of what they teach. They have deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by our participants. With the most updated knowledge and skills, our trainers are able to bring and impart this wealth of knowledge to our participants.

Learning made real

We emphasize on hands-on, practical and innovative workshops with real world case studies to enhance the professional capabilities of our participants.

Quality, skill gaps solution

Each course is designed based on continuous research on current and future market trends to uncover and fill gaps in knowledge, skills and attitudes for today’s workforce.

Excellent Feedback

Our workshops received very good ratings with overwhelming praises for instructional quality, relevance, and practicality of the skills taught.


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